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We provide you with world class diagnostics and research quality using cutting edge technology in real time and at affordable costs.

About Us

Dr. Ibrahim Kankia

Director / Lab. Manager

Sahel    Molecular  Laboratory     was     primarily established by Sahel Group to provide services in the area of Molecular Diagnostics and Research. We have facilities in Abuja and Katsina, while our Kaduna facility is coming up very soon. We have a staff strength of about 45 qualified personnel who offer quick, reliable, affordable diagnostics and research services.

We have staff with different qualifications from PhD down to technicians and attendants, etc and still employing more staff.

Our vision is to emerge as the undisputed leading indigenous consortium that provides cost effective and sustainable technology solutions in the field of Biomedical, healthcare and environmental engineering.

Book Now for

Covid-19 PCR Test

For travelers into or out of the country and for other medical reasons. Result takes maximum 2 days.

HIV Viral Load

You can know your HIV Status within maximum 7 days.

DNA Profile

You can get your DNA Profile with us by maximum 4 weeks.

Hepatitis B & C Viral Load

You can get your test result within maximum 7 days.

Paternity, Maternity, Siblings DNA

You can get your test results within maximum 4 weeks.


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